Neurimpulse's mission is permanent implantable neurostimulation and neuromodulation.
Our initial target is the care and treatment of pain related diseases primarily in peripheral nerves.





The story of NEURIMPULSE


Neurimpulse born from the idea of treating neuropathic pain by direct nerve stimulation, close to the painful area. In this first phase, we target the terapy to upper and lower limbs. Our company benefits from decades of experience and professionalism in the field of electrostimulation with implantable devices.

In the second part of 2010, we obtained CE mark by the notified body 0373 for implantable stimulators, temporary pacing, programmer for physican, patient's remote control as well as various leads, extensions and accessories.

Currently, all products for neurostimulation have CE, confirming that R & D, Production, Post-Marketing, Quality Assurance and other departments that interact in business processes, carry out their activities in accordance with the provisions laid down by the European Community, in particular by Directives 90/385/EEC, 93/42/EEC and subsequent modifications.

The Company is also certified according to the International standard ISO 9001:2008.